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AMD 103 Genesis:

At one time I had an extra dummy locomotive from Athearn, an American General Electric AMD 103 Genesis. I got the idea to paint it yellow and apply Dutch railroad decals, to pretend to be a test locomotive from GE, for the Dutch market.

Click on the photo for a picture in higher resolution and size.

AMD 103 Genesis  
Front view. In the future I like to attach European buffers.

I still need to install the details, like windshield wipers and air hoses.

Side view. Unfortunaly the seller only had one model left, otherwise I would have been able to model two cab's, one on each end, like European locomotives.
AC4000 refers to the power, 4000 horsepower. This type is a P40. However this is a model of a P42, so with 4200 Horsepower. Both the P40 and P42 are in service with Amtrak.

There is also a P38, 3800 horsepower unit, in in service with Metro North.

The cosmetic difference? The P40 and P38 both have an additional window, at the left side when viewed from the outside, to accommodate the hustler / conductor, when driving in reverse.
The telephone number turn out to be a railroad internal service number in Utrecht, not Tilburg.

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