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Keith's layout.


It was the summer in 2000, when my friend asked me to help him build his layout.

It was to be located in his basement, together with his other hobby, music, and the laundry room. (no that's not a hobby) I am not going to discuss his personal business, but he didn't need his spouse permission, any more.
He showed me the available space, and a list of what he wanted to be able to do on his layout. Lots of industry, a switching yard and a main line, able to run long trains. With this in mind I designed a plan and a few weeks later, I showed it to him, and he agreed.
The layout was built in open bench system. I like to use standard 2x4 to build the frame up. This is not too expensive and works fine. Building the open bench frame is almost like building a wall.
The carriers are also 2x4 and mounted to the wall and floor. I coffer the outside with panels of sheet Luann. At some points I was going to install shelves for his collection of modelrailroader's magazines.
The electrical power comes directly from the fuse panel, located in his basement, and I wired regular household switches in the "table" that control the power to the transformers and controllers. Also the lights were controlled, both room light as well as for the model structures.
Every thing visible from the layout on these pictures, including 5 sheets of Luann, was a little less then 200 dollar.
Unfortunately the trackplan design is damaged on my hard disk, maybe later I will re-draw this and place in this article.
It was a track designed with 4 levels, a main line with a staging yard on the lower level, where trains can run trough and with a connection to a switching yard, with maintenance of way. The switching yard was connected to various industries.
Unfortunately my friend lost his house and the layout is history, for new.
This lay-out was 18 Ft long and 8 Ft. width at the widest section, The reason for a smaller width in the center was to maintain enough space to remove or repair his laundry equipment, just in case.

Better luck next time.

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