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Walthers road system.


In this article I show you how roads are made with the Walthers road system kits. These plastic kits are available in brick and concrete roads. In this article i use the brick road kit.

Click on the photo for a picture in higher resolution and size.

With these parts a road segment is build up. The police car is to demonstrate the size of the road.
Here the parts needed to make a crossing. A T crossing is made by replacing the lower two pieces with regular straight road parts.
Here the crossing again, but now with road segments.
All the parts are interchangeable and every type of road can be made.
The gray sidewalks do come with special entrance pieces. Of course to model a Dutch layout the sidewalks have to be kit bashed, since they are the American type sidewalks.
An expansion kit is available to create a street track.
This set contains inserts for straight, 15, 18 and 22 inch radius Atlas code 83 track. Of course it also works on code 100 track.
Bedsides inserts for straight and radius track, the kit also includes inserts for the mark 4 and snap track switches. Designed for code 83, but with a little bit of modification also for code 100.

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