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Woodland scenics EZ water.


There are different ways to model water on the layout.

Although Faller sells model kits, like a fountain and a water mill that use real water, I don't recommend using real water to model streams, ponds or lakes and rivers.

In this article I show how EZ water is applied to the layout.

The use of EZ water calls for a well prepared terrain.

First of all the color, which depends on what you are modeling. A stream, pond or river each has there own unique color. The color depends on how deep and clean, or dirty, the water is.

Also the reflection from the surrounding nature has an affect on the color.

There are two ways to bring color to the EZ water, one is to add color pigment's to the EZ water itself and the other one is to apply turf or paint to the bottom before the EZ water is pored.

Secondly the terrain must be water tight and be able to withstand a temporary high temperature.

Ones the EZ water is melted it need to be applied to the terrain directly since it sets quickly. With a hot air gun you can melt the EZ water on the layout to make repairs or adjustments. With a knife or compass you can scribe lines in the water and with the hot air gun you can bring detail in the water by gently warming up the scribed lines.

I am making a video clip which shows how to apply EZ water.

To view this video clip you need Real player or Windows media player to be installed on your computer. Click here to download the free Real player. Click here to download the free Windows media player.

The clip is available for download in 3 different formats. The time it takes to download depends on your internet connection.


How to apply Woodland scenics EZ water.

Runtime: 2.33 minutes.

Real player 4.1 MB
Windows media player 5.5 MB
Windows media player high 22 MB

Click on the photo for a picture in higher resolution and size, which will open in a new window.


Woodlands scenics EZ water is made up from small plastic pallets. These have to be heated in the oven until they are melted into one liquid mass.
A removable section of my module layout, where a stream of EZ water is to be added.
EZ water is as clear as glass after it has set. To bring color to the water I applied turf on a painted bottom, before poring the melted EZ water.
I added Bushes and other scenery at the banks of the stream before poring the EZ water.
Darker colors of turf, usually towards the center, are to imitate depth in the stream.

Details in the water, like this boat, also have to be placed before poring the EZ water.

The result after the EZ water has set.

Because of the fast seting time of EZ water I have no pictures of applying the melted EZ water.

The water is realy as clear as glass and looks very realistic. You can see anything inside the water, so a well prepared bottom is a must.


This page is last updated on 15 July 2012

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