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Artificial flowers, dried flowers and hair braids used on the model layout.

In this article I show how artificial flowers, dried flowers and hair braids can be used as materials to make scenery on the model layout, like trees, bushes and hay.

Trees can be made from plastic artificial flowers. All you have to do is to cut to length and remove the plastic shine with some flat paint. Add some turf and you just about got a tree.

The trunk, if wanted, can be made with mechanics wire and clay.

Dried flowers can be used for flowers themselves, depending on the size, and also be glued in bushes made from lijchen. Of course a small amount of paint will bring a variety in colorful flowers.

Field grass can be cheaply made out of hair braids. A fistful for just a Dollar.

Click on the photo for a picture in higher resolution and size.


Making trees with artificial flowers:
Three different artificial flowers, or whatever you name them. Unfortunately I am not an expert in flowers and there names. I just walk in the store and look for something that matches or looks like what can become a model tree.

I describe them here as flower 1,2 and 3.

(unless someone can email me the correct flower names)

Flower 1

Flower 2

Flower 3

First I cut the the stems to length and, if needed, in shape with a side cutter. There is a metal wire inside the plastic stem to give it strength and allows for bending into shape.
The result of flower number 3 after cutting up. I was able to cut 6 trees out of one flower.
With a flat dark green color I removed the plastic shine and original light color.
I then apply glue to the tree with a spray bottle of regular glue... I can sprinkle some turf onto the tree.
By using various shades of green you can make a variety in the color of the future forest. On this photo I am still working with flower number 3.
Trees made from flowers 1 and 3 are all together while waiting for the glue to dry.
How many tree are needed for a forest? There are about 120 in this photo.

A forest made from flower 1.

A forest made from flower 3.

Color variation.

The result of a tree made from flower 1. Of course still without a nice trunk, but this will be made later.
Ones again flower 1.
Flower 3.
Imitating flowers with dried flowers:
Dried flowers which are going to be used to make flowers on the layout. These are the smallest flowers I have found so far.
How it looks in close-up. I am using the white flowers at the ends of the stems, and later I try to make trees from the left over stems.
The flowers on the layout, just to see how it looks. Still in the original white color, but that can be changed with a  bit of paint.
Hair braids as scenery:
Shopping with my daughters in a beauty store brought me to this idea.

For just a Dollar you can by a pack of hair braids that can be easily used as field grass or other scenery.

Just cut in small lengths and glue where wanted on the layout. They sell this in many different colors, even in green.

A very small package of this from Woodland scenics will cost over 3 Dollar, but with these hair braids you have 100 times as much.

Place some between your thumb and finger and apply some white glue...
... and place on the location.

After it has dried just cut to length and if wanted, paint to the desired color.


This page is last updated on 15 July 2012

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