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Railway viaduct.


Already a few years ago I started making a railroad viaduct with a station. I did not have a layout, but that did not stop me working out a plan. I have the idea from the former railway station Rotterdam Blaak. Back in the 80's this was an elevated railway, and it always fascinated me.

Of course dreams are no reality, and my initial plan would only fit on one giant layout. So I have to make a compromise. I found a location on my layout the size of about 4 squire feet. This is going to become a busy part off the city, like Rotterdam Blaak, Coolsingel and the Lijnbaan. It is not going to become an exact replica, but with some fantasy I will try to make the best off it.

Just like in Rotterdam, a trolley will run around trough the streets.

At both sides of this part of my layout table, there is an opening to reach the windows. Bridges will span these openings so the effect of the large elevated railway will be there.

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The location for the railway viaduct. It is going to come between the two asphalt roads. With a huge dose of fantasy, it becomes Rotterdam's Coolsingel. A large number of stores and busy traffic.
Since both sides are going to get a removable bridge, I have to build a strong foundation.
This is why at both ends there is a big block of wood to support the viaduct.
The "bottom" of the viaduct, a nice straight piece of wood.
Here the frame of the viaduct. This wood construction makes it strong. Later when it is all finished, the wood will be out of sight.
Some years ago I started to make the viaduct out off plastic. I have laid this on top off the wooden frame, to get an impression of the whole thing.
The wooden blocks are replaced with plastic pillars.
Unpainted raw pillars, ...
... slide over the wooden blocks.
That's how it looks as seen on the road.
An aerial photo of the viaduct and busy shopping street.
The new bridge seen from the street.
The idea from the new bridge I got from the "Hofpleinlijn" in Rotterdam, at the Bergweg station..
The way it looks right now.


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