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Layouts from the past.


The past...they are gone, the good 'old days...

Viewing those old pictures you kept in the shoebox for all those years makes you think for a while. You think about the past, how it was with your parents, friends, school and vacations. Not to mention the girlfriends. Gee that time went quick. New after all those years you think about those times, would you have thought back then, when you took the picture, how will I look at them over twenty / thirty years.

It's a shame, you didn't think often enough, I want a picture of this, for later. Oh well we can't turn the clock back, but we can enjoy the time of the past, by watching those pictures with your family, or by yourself.

In this article I show some of my old shoebox pictures, of course some that show my old layouts, and with the help of a scanner, I post them onto the internet, something we did not knew about back then. Are you coming with me to the time of the past?

This is the oldest photo I have. How old would I have been? I think I was about 10 years old. It was in the time my father owned an aluminum shop, because my father made an aluminum train table for in the attic. A 4 x 8 feet sheet of plywood fitted exactly in this table.

My dad even made aluminum constructions, windows and doors for a new huge shopping mall in Utrecht, "Hoog Catherijne". Also the Railroad Central Station was involved with this project. All that is a long time ago.

Here my dad helps me with track laying on the layout. In those days it was nothing but Fleischmann. My father thought that you should stick to one brand and not mix it with others. I remember many nice evenings in the attic with my dad.

The train station on this photo, Lindenthal from Faller, you also find it at the second last picture. However this one has gone, and the last one I have found at a show many years later.

This photo shows the restaurant from station Lindenthal. Or is it the DB bus that I shot? What was I thinking about when I took this picture?

The DB bus, Deutsche Bundesbahn, I bought in a toy store, in those days any town had some toy stores that sold trains. Is it a red bus, I asked, no he is brown, my friend, Gerjo de Wit, said, however the storeowner said he is red brown.

Another photo that makes you think for a while. My dad put together most of the buildings, I think my dad thought I wasn't ready for the big and expensive kits. Water was imitated with a blue turf, nowhere near water. New I know better.

This house is a Faller model that just like the train station has gone. A few years ago I found one, un build and in original box, in a hobby shop near Washington DC.

This picture is from a few years later, since the HO layout has been replaced with an N-scale, Fleischmann as well. Don't ask me what ever happened with all the HO equipment, cause I can't remember. The photo also shows a bigger layout table, which fit in the hobby room, downstairs, from the attic.

Or was it the other way around, it used to be in my room, but has moved to the attic, while my father needed the room for his work?

But on this and the following two pictures, you see the N layout a little more advanced, and in my room. It was probably in the attic, since I had more space to access it, while laying track?

I was already working for the Dutch Railroad at this time, because in the left bottom corner of the black control box I notice a white decal, "open" and "close". This is a decal for a pneumatic cut off valve, used in trains, most likely the dog nose, since I worked on those often.

Finally a photo with some trains on it. It was mostly German equipment those days, there was not much of another choice. The IC runs next to the, once again, changed control box

I still remember those trains, TEE, IC, D and Nahverkehr zug with the famous silberlingen cars and a steamer.

Here I am making some hills. I used bug screen over wooden blocks and, with wallpaper glue, glued newspaper on top of it. The final cover was with plaster.

I don't think this layout got finished, and other layout pictures appear in the shoebox.

Back to the attic again. I am in military service, in those years we were still drafted. I can tell since the pictures are black and white. The only time I had black and white pictures was in the army, that was a hobby I choose. I developed photos in the recreation center.

Those pills of magazines in the left's a shame I don't have them anymore, they are of course model and railroad magazines from...the past.

Nothing comes to mind when looking at this picture. I was sleeping at the attic too new, you can see my bed in the right corner. Man was it hot in the summer time. This trainable didn't make it long either.

I was checking the girls too at this time, after all I am in the army, and doesn't everyone in the army have a girlfriend? What was here name again? She used to live in Ede, her dad was an enlisted service member, and she moved to Breda. Jacqueline I think...Jacqueline Diemen or Doemen...something like that.

And this is the second from last N-scale model layout. A stub end train station with 9 tracks, 2 in dependable operated tracks, if I remember correctly. This one never got finished, just like all the others.

I was not concerned with terms like "grade percentage" and "a gradual approach of grades", as is visible on this picture.

Hills and mountains was a nice thing to make on my layouts, as I can see on these pictures. On my future layout, of Dutch origin, I can't really make any, although Holland is mostly flat, we still have some hills in the south.

But in my Belgium module, I am going to make a little hill. And incase I have room left over in the future, I might create a little Germany, and then I can make a mountain.

New I am at the last three pictures of this article. Before I made this layout I used to have one final N-scale layout. This was one of those pre-fabricated ones, I think from Kibri or Noch. Maybe you have seen them before, a plastic layout shaped with mountains and space for track, it's own track plan and scenery is already designed.

I just left the army, and at this time I lived in my own apartment, in Dordrecht, where I soon met my present wife. She also had an interest for train, at which time I decided to change back to HO-scale again. Personally I like Ho-scale better, since there is more detail.

We also used to have large scale, LGB garden trains that my wife liked, but at one time during a move to the USA, it never arrived there.

Since I knew we were going to move soon, I made this layout in modules, which connect to each other. This made it easier to transport and move. It also adjusts to each room by adding or removing modules.

It is the year 1987 or 1988. In April 1988 we moved to the USA. This layout has been set up a few more times, but I got other interests. The red material on the side frames is from the same material as the second class seats used in the dog nose train sets.

So far this article. New I am 14 years ahead, and in an unknown number of years my future layout may be finished. Who knows, in another 14 years I have pictures and stories about that one, here on the internet, and this entire homepage will be called "the past".

This page is last updated on 15 July 2012

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