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My current module layout.


By now, since I bought my house, I have been working on my main layout for quite some time.

First, however, I started to build a frame on the wall to carry my module layout. I started working on modules some time before I bought my house. This module layout will focus on Dutch scenery, running trains it self are background detail, so to speak.

It's a U shape frame fitted in the room. In total there are 5 modules of 4 feet in length and 2 corner modules. To be able to access the windows I also have 2 small removable modules. The layout is mounted on eye level.

Click on the photo for a picture in higher resolution and size.

Left side of the room, the beginning of the U shaped frame.
In the middle of the U shaped frame, at the front side of my home, I have two windows obstructing the frame. However I have made a removable section in front of each window. Of course I need to be able to access the windows for cleaning and maintenance, or a possible replacement.
Right side of the room, the end of the U shaped frame.
It's a little hard to see, but this is the view you have when entering the room trough the door. One day I need to get a wide-angle lens for my photo camera.
Here are the modules that are going to be inserted in the frame. Two of the modules however, are to wide and will be modified and installed in the main layout.
Here one of the two removable sections in front of the window. It slides between the frames and magnets will hold the section in place, so the track will line up with the track on the modules.
The module lays inside the frame, so the side from the frame is used to slide the removable section in place. At the rear is the magnet that holds the removable section in place and in line with the track.
Here the removable section on the right side.
And on the left side.
It slides just next to the module, and tight in the frame.
Until it reaches the magnet and is kept in place, the train can now run over.
The rail connection on the right side.
And the left side.

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