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Passenger train sets. (under translation)


In this article I describe passenger train sets which existed and still exist in the United States of America. I also list the HO models of these passenger train sets. Not every model is still in production, and this list is far from complete, but will be updated regularly. At the moment this list is made up from my personal model train collection.

All models listed are direct current, 2 rail.

Most locomotives in the USA are available without a motor. These are nicknamed "dummies". These locomotives are designated with the abbreviation "dmy" next to the part number. So a part number without a abbreviation is a powered locomotive.

The table is wider then your screen resolution, so You notice a scrollbar. This simplifies reading the table.

Information I have received from other people is written in red. Photo's used with permission and a copyright are linked to the owner's website or email address.

List with abbreviated railroad companies used in table.

ACL Atlantic Coast Line
AMTK Amtrak
APC American President Companies
ATH Athearn (not a real RR reporting mark)
ATSF Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
B&A Baltimore & Annapolis RR
B&M Boston & Maine
B&O Baltimore & Ohio
BAR Bangor & Aroostook
BC rail British Columbia Railway
BN Burlington Northern
BNSF Burlington Northern Santa Fe
CALTRANS Amtrak California department of transportation
C&NW Chicago & North Western
C&O Chesapeake & Ohio
CBQ Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
CHESSIE Chessie system (B&O, C&O, WM)
CN Canadian National
CP Canadian Pacific
CR Conrail
CRLE Cor Rail
CSXT CSX transportation
D&H Delaware & Hudson
D&RGW Denver & Rio Grande Western
DOW Dow Chemical
EJ&E Elgin, Joliet & Eastern
EL Erie Lackawanna
EMD demo EMD demonstrator
FRISCO St. Louis-San Francisco
GA General American
GE demo GE demonstrator
GM&O Gulf, Mobile & Ohio
GN Great Northern
IC Illinois Central
ICG Illinois Central Gulf
KCS Kansas City Southern
L&N Louisville & Nashville
LV Lehigh Valley
M&ST.L Minneapolis and St. Louis
MC Maine Central
MILW Milwaukee Road
MKT Missouri-Kansas-Texas
MN Metro North
MOPAC Missouri Pacific
MOW Maintenance of Way
MWR Muncie & Western Railroad Co.
NH New Haven
NP Northern Pacific
NS Norfolk Southern (both the old and new NS)
NW Norfolk & Western
NYC New York Central
P&W Providence and Worcester
PC Penn Central
PFE Pacific Fruit growers Express
PRR Pennsylvania Rail Road
QTTX TTX Company
RBOX Railbox
RDG Reading
RFP Richmond, Frederick & Potomac
RI Rock Island
SAL Seaboard Air Line
SCL Seaboard Coast Line
SF Santa Fe
SOO Soo Line
SOU Southern Railway
SP Southern Pacific
SSW ST. Louis Southwestern
TTZX TTX Company
UP Union Pacific
V&T Virginia and Truckee
VGN Virginian
W&OD Washington & Old Dominion
WC Wisconsin Central
WM Western Maryland
WMATA Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
WP Western Pacific
YW Yereka Western
CRR Georgia and Clinchfield railroad
GATX General American Transportation
VIA VIA Canada
EMD lease General Motors, Electro Motive Division Lease



type: identification: manufacture: number / photo: railroad: number: color: "remark" "note"
Acela   Spectrum 01202 unit 1 AMTK 2003 Gray - blue 5 piece set 0360
Acela   Spectrum 01202 unit 2 AMTK 2004 Gray - blue 5 piece set 0361
Acela   Spectrum 01202 unit 3 AMTK 3??? Gray - blue 5 piece set 0362
Acela   Spectrum 01202 unit 4 AMTK 3??? Gray - blue 5 piece set 0363
Acela   Spectrum 01202 unit 5 AMTK 3??? Gray - blue 5 piece set 0364


type: identification: manufacture: number / photo: railroad: number: color: "remark" "note"
Athearn 2073 dmy B&O
Athearn 2173 B&O
Athearn 2078 dmy B&O
RDC-3   Athearn 2178 B&O   Silver  
Metroliner   Bachmann 1300 unit1
1300 unit2 dmy
AMTK   Silver 2 piece set, sold with 1301
Metroliner   Bachmann 1301 dmy
1301 dmy
AMTK   Silver 2 piece set, sold with 1300


type: identification: manufacture: number / photo: railroad: number: color: "remark" "note"
Rapid Transit   Walthers 932-6035 WMATA   Silver - brown  
Rapid Transit   Walthers 932-6036 dmy WMATA   Silver - brown  


type: identification: manufacture: number / photo: railroad: number: color: "remark" "note"
Gas Electric Doodlebug   Spectrum 81404 B&O 6005 Bleu - gray EMC

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