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This article is about self-made Dutch and Belgium signals. Since I am still working on this project, this article is not yet completed. Once I am finished with the signal., of course so will this article.

The materials that are needed:

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20 pieces off three aspect signals. I have already installed the three led's.

Green on top, yellow in the middle and red on the bottom, just the opposite of a traffic light.

The other materials needed. Brass tubing and a bag off plastic ladders.
The aspect in front.
And in the rear. Easily visible is the order of the led's.
This is how the signal is supposed to look like when finished. This is a model from Henckens.
Some of the tools required to work with brass:

Solder iron, small file, hobby saw, drill bit holder with a  small drill bit and  a glass fiber pencil.

The small 1/16 tube is inserted inside the thicker 3/32 one and after they are first cleaned with the glass fiber pencil, are soldered together.
After soldering, the excess solder is removed with a file and with the saw blade the tube's are cut to length.
Since 3 wires have to fit inside the small tube, I clean the tube with a small drill bit, to remove any burrs.
The beginning of the mast.
Here I am turning the base from the signal, which will be used to mount the signal onto the layout and to attach the ground wire for the led's.

Three wires for the led's will have to go trough the base. This part can also be made out of a regular 1/4 inch or M6 bolt.

After the tread is cut, the base gets cut off from the stock brass rod.

And turned smooth on the lathe.
Here the machined base including spacers.
Soldering a 1/8  inch brass tube into the base, which will be the visible bottom of the signal. This will be cut of at 1/4 / 6 mm in height.
After drilling a hole in the brass flat stock, I solder it on the base.

The ladder is later glued (plastic) or soldered (brass) to this flat piece.

Then the mast is soldered into the1 /8 inch tube.

The position of the "hook" at the left of the picture depends on whether it is a left or right signal.

Soldering the common ground of the three led's together. Next the mast will be soldered at this location.
By now the aspect front is mounted on the mast and the brass flat stock cut to length.

Finally it start to look like a signal, but there is still more work to do.

Three tiny wires have to be soldered to the led's. I use transformer wire from the local Radio Shack.
After testing and making sure the led's light up, I guide the three tiny wires trough the small tube.
And one more check to make sure there is no short or loose wire.
After cleaning and priming the brass mast, I spray on a gloss black coat of paint.
The rear of the aspect with the wires still out in the open. Next  I fill it up with some putty and sand it flush, just be careful not to sand the wires.
Look at the rear aspect now. I also painted the "access door" to the lights white.
The ladder is from plastic and super glued to the signal.
  to be continued


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