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Tools for modeling.


An airbrush set from Aztec.

This nice set I got from a colleague at work, who just like me has never used it. It is an dual action airbrush and I have never painted with an airbrush like this. However I have painted with an single action airbrush from Testors.

Paint can be added to the airbrush in different ways. Here with a bottle like I am used to from the old days.
An compressor takes care of the compressed air. Much better then the old fashion air bottles.
Here a simple and low priced spray gun. Of course you can not paint as precisely as the Aztec from above.
Cutting tools:  
A tool I found at Radio Shack. With this one you can easily cut squire holes in plastic.
Here a detail from the cutting head. This black cutting head goes down trough the plastic and cuts away the material. Ones cut you can move up and so you can continue to cut your way in the plastic.
NWSL, the chopper.

With this tool plastic, and other soft material, can be cut exactly straight and under various angles.

Specially designed for strip material.

NWSL, the duplicutter.

With this tool plastic, and other soft material, can be cut precisely on size and exact duplicates from the object can  be made.

Specially designed for plastic sheet material.

This page is last updated on 15 July 2012

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