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Video camera car:

For a small price I purchased a mini camera on eBay. I installed this camera in an old Roco passenger car, which I modified using my fantasy. The idea is from an CSX track inspection car. A large window in front where the camera will be installed. This was also a nice way to learn the new dual action airbrush.


Click on the photo for a picture in higher resolution and size.

Video camera car:  
Here a picture of the real CSX track inspection car, which I use as a sample to build my video camera car.

By the way, that's a real camera in front of the window, so my fantasy model has a bit of reality.

The camera and receiver. This is an NTSC version, in Europe available in PAL version. In the USA there is another TV system as in Europe.
This is the camera it self. Small but wonderful. Just a cube less then a squire inch. It transmit a color signal with sound. All I have to do is to find a car to mount it in.
I found the victim. An old Roco passenger car, coincidently also purchased on eBay.
First I disassemble the car and place the parts in order. Only the roof and chassis are going to be modified.
Here the cab from where the camera will be placed.
Okay, my first experience with the dual action airbrush. Whoa that isn't easy. I made at least three errors:

1 - I used gray primer instead of white.
2 - I thinned the paint to much and/or painted to much at one time.
3 - I used to much or to little air.

I sanded the whole thing in water with waterproof sandpaper, and this time I painted here white, so the yellow has a change to become yellow.

Here I am painting yellow for the second time, but this time with a much better result. I have adjusted the airbrush to a single action.

Much better, yellow like it is supposed to be and a gray roof.
The camera installed with double sided tape. The squire block contains the entire electronic circuit, video camera and microphone. It just fit inside. There appears to be also some electronics inside the connector, so I leave it alone.

Not visible is the battery attachment cable that attaches to this connector.

Here you see the model up front. I have not attached a plastic window, because I do not know if it effects the picture and sound recording quality.
Here the model from the rear. Of course this model has to be pushed by a locomotive.
This picture is taken with a flashlight to show the camera inside.
And the other side.
On top of the roof is the battery access panel, just like for example, an remote control.

This model is advertising my website. Next time, however, I will print "water transfers" with the computer, instead of using rub on transfers.

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