Welcome at my website, which exist more then 5 years, although in different versions and with different web servers.



I have decided to join the
New York Institute of Photography
and take a course in professional photography.  Because of this my website will not be updated as frequently.
By al means this does not mean an end to my love of trains. I just donít have as much time as I used to.


What to expect on this website? Of course I describe the planning and making of my Dutch model lay-out, with lots of pictures. What it takes to get a result of a lay-out that shows typical Dutch markings. Not only with "ready to roll" items, but also "do it yourself" stuff, for example structures, trains and electronics. And now also, self-made,  digital command control.

I also include listings of rolling stock and accessories, specially for the Dutch model railroad hobby, but also some American trains. The listings are not complete, but I just received a large addition, that require some time to update. Pictures of most model train and the real one, are included, and where possible I list the technical specifications.

I attempt to show some of the many techniques involved with model railroading. I do so with articles and lots of pictures. After all one picture say a thousand words. On each website or homepage you find photo albums, so you find them here as well, including links and interesting downloads.

New at my website are the video clips of Dutch trains, which I filmed while on vacation in the Netherlands in 2005 and 2007. In the future I will also make video clips from my layout.

For photo's and video clips of trains in the Richmond Virginia area I recommend my other website:

CSX acca yard.

Here is a list of articles, completed and in the making:
number chapter subject


article contents

1 trains     locomotives NL list of Dutch model locomotives.
2 trains     locomotives USA list of American model locomotives.
3 trains     multiple units NL list of Dutch model multiple units.
4 trains     multiple units USA list of American model multiple units.
5 trains     passenger cars NL list of Dutch model passenger cars.
6 trains     passenger cars USA list of American model passenger cars.
7 trains     freight cars NL list of Dutch model freight cars.
8 trains     freight cars USA list of American model freight cars.
9 trains     other NL list of Dutch other model cars.
10 trains     other USA list of American other model cars.
11 scenery structures   city and village houses in model.
12 scenery structures   commerce and industry industry in model.
13 scenery structures   the carnival carnival in model.
14 scenery structures   Railway viaduct an elevated railroad bridge, as it used to be in Rotterdam.
15 scenery landscaping   hill / mountain making hill or mountains with spray foam.
16 scenery landscaping   static grass how to make an electronic static grass applier.
17 scenery landscaping   Woodlandscenics trees making Woodlandscenics trees.
18 scenery landscaping   plastic flowers making trees from plastic flowers.
19 scenery landscaping   Woodlandscenics EZ water working with Woodlandscenics EZ water.
20 scenery landscaping   silicone water making water with silicone and clear cote.
21 scenery roadway   Woodlandscenics roadway working with Woodlandscenics roadway system.
22 scenery roadway   Walthers roadway working with Walthers roadway system.
23 scenery roadway   streetlights low priced streetlights directly from China.
24 scenery infrastructure   track ballasting and apply "rust" to track.
26 scenery infrastructure   signals signals in model.
26 scenery infrastructure   catenary catenary in model.
27 scenery waterway   Walthers swingbridge real operating Walthers swingbridge.
28 layout layouts   my lay-out my current main layout the way it looks now.
29 layout layouts   module layout my current module layout the way it looks now.
30 layout subjects   Belgium 1 my idea of a Belgium layout.
31 layout subjects   Belgium 2 my Belgium layout the way it looks now.
32 layout other   old lay-outs my lay-outs from the past.
33 layout other   layout of a friend how a lay-out table was to be build.
34 projects scenery   Artitec Rhine motor vessel building Artitec resin kits and the Rhine motor vessel.
35 projects scenery   Tilly models building Tilly models kits.
36 projects scenery   Pola number 150 building a plastic kit.
37 projects scenery   kit bashing samples of my  kit bashed models.
38 projects scenery   a Canal bridge a self-made bridge.
39 projects scenery   city block Dordrecht making structures from plastic card.
40 projects scenery   the store and more more self-made structures.
41 projecten trains   dog nose kit bashing Lima train sets.
42 projects funstuff   video camera car the making of a video camera car. (fun&fake)
43 projects funstuff   AMD 103 Genesis an American locomotive in the Netherlands. (fun&fake)
44 projects funstuff   ICM locomotive a locomotive in model of a passenger train set. (fun&fake)
45 projects display case   display case #1 building a simple display case.
46 projects display case   display case #2 modifying a bookcase into a display case.



display case


display case #3 building a large fixed display case.
48 digital     MRC Command 2000 how it all started, a simple, MRC Command 200 digital unit.
49 digital decoders   low current switch decoder self-made low current Motorola switch decoder.
50 digital decoders   high current switch decoder self-made high current Motorola switch decoder.
51 digital decoders   2 light signal decoder self-made Motorola 2 aspect signal decoder. (MRDirect)
52 digital decoders   2 light signal decoder self-made Motorola 3 aspect signal decoder. (MRDirect)
53 digital     S88 feedback self-made S88 feedback module.
54 digital     occupancy detector occupancy circuit. (digital)
55 technology casting   molding and casting 1 making molds and castings with latex rubber.
56 technology casting   molding and casting 2 making molds and castings with silicone rubber.
57 technology     block detection analog occupancy circuit. (analog)
58 technology tools   general tools for general use.
59 technology tools   modeling tools for use in modeling.
60 technology tools   electronics tools for use in electronics.
61 technology tools   woodworking tools for use in woodworking.
62 technology tools   metalworking tools for use in metalworking.


the Virginia Railway Express 2002 Manassas Railway Festival

Railz miniworld Rotterdam, the Netherlands. new


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