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This page is about myself and my kids.


Who am I?

I am Erwin P. van Beveren, born may 6 1963 in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, and since 1988 residing in Virginia, United States of America. My occupation is (freight) carman with CSX transportation, and in the Netherlands I worked with the Dutch State railroad, as a (passenger) mechanic for electrical powered MU units. I am married, and we have four children, three daughters and one son.

I have started this website after writing an article for the Dutch website Beneluxrail. Then I got the idea to place my experience and the progress of my layout online. At this time the website has grown beyond the available space at my ISP. Since 2005 I have web hosting with enough space to even place video clips online.

Like so many of us, I often surf the internet in search for ideas and stuff for my model railroad hobby and this website. I will link to all the things I find and use for my hobby and this website, or place here online, if I have permission to do so.

This website contains both articles from my layout at home, as well as idea's for the future. I never got to build a fixed layout because we had to move often due to my wife's employer. However since 2003 when I got my own home, I have started to build my layout.

My wife.

Not much to say. After all these years, we were married in 1986, she didn't feel like it no more and left in 2003 to live on here own. More space for the hobby. And she left right after I bought my house.

My kids.

I have four children, three daughters and one son. Yes I have tried to get at least one of them interested in model trains, but that is not going to happen any time soon.

Najah, my first daughter, is really into fashion and modeling. She does have an portfolio and an agent. Together with here youngest sister she enjoys playing the Sims on the computer. When she was kindergartner she showed interest in my LGB trains, especially the most colorful ones.

Angelique, my second daughter, has a boyfriend, so I might as well forget trying to get here to like trains, or anything else for that matter. She still likes her pet hamster "Snowflake" though.

Erwin Paul, my son, is interested mostly in dinosaurs' and video games. I did give him a train set one day and one of the first things he did while running the train, was to place a toy dinosaur on the track. He did build a scale model building ones together with his twin sister Faith Annalisa. He does enjoy riding the caboose at the CSX employee family day. Erwin has a pet hamster.

Faith Annalisa, my youngest daughter, likes computer games and dolls. She did talk me in to let her play with the Snap-on tools Lionel train set, together with her twin brother Erwin Paul. Here favorite computer game is the Sims. Faith Annalisa also has a pet hamster, "Keke".

I promised my kids web space, so they can have there own website. In the submenu on the left you will find links to there website's, when they become available.



Erwin Paul jr.

Faith Analisa


My birds.

I have five birds, three parakeets and two cockatiels. I used to have finches and small doves, but they have past away. Maybe in the future I get two lovebirds.

The birds



My house.

...Our house in the middle of the street...a song from Madness.

With some pride I am going to show you my home, and some related jobs it gives me. It is my first own home, and there is a lot of time needed to make of it what I want. Building all those small miniature houses surly contributed to preparing the work on the big one.

Not to mention the regular maintenance. I am also showing off the modifications I made or are going to make for the train hobby.

virtual tour



My other hobbies.

Besides model and real trains, I have some other hobbies as well. I don't know where I get the time to do all of it but oh well. I like to serf the internet and shoot video / editing. The video editing of course on the PC. Lately I also read books, but most of them are railroad related, so that's part of the train hobby, right?



If you want to know more about me, here is my "timeline".




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