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I have decided to join the New York Institute of Photography and take a course in professional photography.  Because of this my website will not be updated as frequently.
By al means this does not mean an end to my love of trains. I just donít have as much time as I used to.



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23 March 2008   A new article of a new display case is online.   Last week I was contacted by the Dutch TV channel NCRV for a possible interview, but unfortunately my Home in America is a bit to far away from Holland to send a TV crew.

21 Jan 2008   A new video clip from the Thalys is online.    

19 Jan 2008   Although kind of late, I wish every visitor a healthy and safe 2008.    

26 Dec. 2007   I have updated my CSX website with more photo's of American trains.   I am still searching for the easiest and cheapest way to make trees. Which are beautiful also.

October and
  Some articles have been updated, but it's only minor stuff.   I am experimenting with making trees from nature's own products. If it works out I will be posting an article.

26 Sept 2007   A report, and photo album, from Railz miniworld in Rotterdam the Netherlands is almost ready. This was one of the attractions I visited while on vacation.

Other attractions were the Euromast in Rotterdam, the Railway museum in Utrecht and downtown Amsterdam. (the channels viewed from a tour boat)

In the future I will place photo's and video clips online, from all these attractions.

Railz miniworld Rotterdam


Behind the scenes I am working on the numerous photo's and videotapes that I took while on vacation and also the htm pages for the reports in this website.

Stay tuned.

  The track in the walk-in closet is completely tested and programmed in the control software, Koploper. Time to build the foundation for the layout that will be visible in this little room.

13 Sept 2007   Videoclip online from the Piko ICE-3M, one of my new "assets" from the Netherlands.

Realplayer 1.2 MB - 44 seconds
Windows media 1 MB - 44 seconds
Windows media 4.2 MB - 44 seconds

And the one and only, original ICE-3M in Amsterdam CS:

Realplayer 3.7 MB - 2.12 minutes
Windows media 6.5 MB - 2.12 minutes
Windows media 30 MB - 2.12 minutes


29 July 2007   The links in the train tables are updated. The roughly 1200 photo's each have their own htm page which can be reached in the train tables.   The tracks in the walk-in closet and Belgium are wired and connected via the S88 to the computers. Now the software Koploper needs to be programmed to run this section of the layout.

11 July 2007   Two new videoclips, how to make water, are online.    

08 July 2007   The signal article is updated.    

03 July 2007   The casting article is split in two separate articles.

Liquid latex rubber

Liquid silicone rubber


02 July 2007   The new articles have been updated. 

Railway viaduct

Woodland scenics EZ water

Artificial flowers

"Silicone" water

Walthers swingbridge


Track is added in the walk-in closet, to connect "Belgium" with the main layout.

07 June 2007   Two new videoclips from the Walthers swing bridge are online.  

Both computer monitors are replaced and the control desk is getting a make over.

30 May 2007   A few new scenery articles are online, however they are still in the making.

And I need some more time to make the link pages to all those photo's and insert them in the tables.


I made a little over 120 trees, to stock up on.

27 March 2007   The creating of the some 1000 htm pages is about two / thirds done.

Please allow me the time to get this done.



15 March 2007   I have become a grandfather.

My daughter Najah gave birth to a nice girl.



19 Feb 2007  

The first roughly 1200 photo's are online, but can not be viewed yet. I now have to make a 1000 htm pages with the corresponding links.

Please come back soon.


16 Feb 2007   Okay... I believe the lost files are restored and I can go back to my regular scheduled

The new article "electronic static grass applier" is online. Look for it under scenery.



04 Feb 2007  

Something went wrong as I updated the English part of my website. I will fix this ASAP.

New video clips are and will be coming online.


23 Jan 2007  

Just about 100 pictures left to shoot. Then editing and, and...

In the mean time I have also updated my CSX acca yard website.


10 Jan 2007  
Behind the scenes I am making thousands of new pictures. Over 1200 just in trains models.

I have setup a small studio, especially for photographing model trains and structures.


02 Jan 2007   The Dutch menu and sub menu's are updated.    

01 Jan 2007   I wish you the best wishes for 2007.    


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